Meet Wizu

Meet Wizu, your friendly chatbot that gathers valuable customer experience feedback on your behalf.  It can ask questions of your customer, just like a survey, but in a two-way conversation.

Whether you’re after NPS, CSAT or CES metrics, Wizu will ask structured questions, selected by you, in a manner that is fun and adds further to a sense of great customer experience.

Let Wizu ask for feedback and start delivering fantastic experiences, service and products that your customers want.


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Don't Survey, Chat!

The great thing about people is they like to chat.  To their friends, to their loved ones, to the dog if they could.  It’s part of what makes us human.  Why should an organization be any different?

Sadly, surveys are one-directional and, frankly, a bit outdated.  Today, customers want to have a conversation with companies they deal with.

Wizu provides the best of both worlds.  Let it ask your customers the questions in a way that’s interactive and less restrictive.  Improve your customer experience.  Improve your business.


Wizu will work day and night to help your customers explain to you how they feel about your products and service.  It’ll be available when your customers want to chat and help them direct their views about your business back to you.

Wizu is a chatbot so it doesn’t need love or attention, just some idea about what you’d like to discuss and it’ll do the rest.  By being there whenever your customer needs it, Wizu will increase customer satisfaction levels to awesome!


Enhance the customer experience

Feedback shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be part of the customer experience strategy.

Show your customers you care about how they feel, and make them part of the experience improvement process.

Wizu makes giving feedback an enjoyable experience for your customers, not a chore.

understand your customer's language

Wizu understands how your customer talks.  It uses a chat user interface (ChatUI) to read what your customer inputs into the chat and translates that into a question Wizu understands.


Improve Response Rate

People like to chat.  Gathering feedback as part of a conversation increases the number of responses you’ll receive and the overall quality of that feedback improves.  You’ll understand how your customer feels about their experience.

lower bounce rate

There’s no junk folder for your conversations to find themselves in.  Conversations have a lower bounce rate and stop you from ending up on blacklists.

qualitative & quantitative feedback

Ask a variety of questions to produce validated scores and gain valuable feedback from your customers by allowing them to express themselves however they wish.  All Wizu’s templates fit NPS, CSAT or CES methods meaning you’ll have industry standard, comparable results that you can take to your stakeholders.

elevate service levels

Use technology to engage your customers smarter without having to increase your staffing levels.  Collect real time information from detractors and escalate quickly to a human to make complaint handling more effective.

more time for customers

Wizu asks the questions, giving your team more time to work directly with your customers and improve your customer service levels.

actionable feedback

By listening to the voice of the customer, you’ll be able to hear feedback that provides insight into how you can make real changes to your product or service that will benefit your customer and improve customer satisfaction.

How Wizu works

Wizu makes it super easy for you to engage your customers and ask them for feedback.  By proactively contacting the customer, asking questions in conversational language and in a friendly manner, they’ll just want to give you the comments you need to take your service forward.

Here’s how Wizu does its thing:


You decide the questions you want to ask your customer.  Choose from the library of hundreds of pre-configured templates already designed to obtain customer feedback.  You can choose from net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT) or customer effort score (CES) questions, from Wizu’s directory of proven templates.


Invite your customers through email, providing any personalized information such as customer first name, case number or the person they spoke to in your organization.  Use the default bot or choose a specific bot for your customers.

Wizu already knows the context in which you are asking the question, but your customer may need a little reminder.  Wizu can insert the reference to things like the event, the venue or perhaps the speaker so that the responder knows what you’re asking about.

Wizu also knows who its talking to by referencing your customer records.  A polite introduction from Wizu will set your customer’s mind at ease that the contact is not unsolicited.


Using ChatUI, Wizu will talk to the customer in normal human language, just like your team member would.  Wizu can interpret any free text response and provide you with correlating analysis and metrics.

If your customer decides they want to speak to another member of the team, or if Wizu thinks that this is the right action to take from a customer service point of view, Wizu can direct the chat to one of your specialists, sending the content of the chat instantly.


Once you’ve decided the template you’d like to use, create triggers to initiate the conversation.

Your customer will receive an email from Wizu inviting them to have a chat via different bots like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack and others.

Not a good time for the customer to chat right now?  No problem for Wizu; it will park the conversation for when the customer is ready to respond.


Once the conversation has finished, you’ll be able to see a full history of the chat, and any results from the questions Wizu has asked.  You’ll see scores, charts and reports that you can send to your management team.

Use Wizu to engage, listen and learn from your customers.

take a tour

Take a look at Wizu in action from a customer perspective.  See how easy it is for your customer to respond to your initial chat and offer valuable feedback to your organisation.

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